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Kansas - Day Three

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Woke up early and did my presentation. I did well, or so others said.

Few more presentations, few more dreams and few more encouragements...

Went to do some fun...and then in the flight. I was back at home by 10pm...missed the atmostphere and energy from the training.

Within four days of return, I did my first preproduction shoot of a new documentary. I hope to work on it more and finish it.

Prayers, love, blessings and money needed - feel free to give what you can, and take what I can...



Kansas - Day Two

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What a simple and busy day it was...

I blanked out twice. We were working continuously on similar stuff, similar issues...and I lost it. Discussing and learning those issues I care for is not boring because what I love, I can never get bored of...hai ki nahin?

And about Kansas, we didnt see a thing. We were inside one building, the same building we entered and where we left from. We did leave for couple of hours for a fund raiser and enjoyed South American and Central American dances...wish I can dance...ahem!!

Kansas - Day One

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it was a great moment when J said, "lets all talk a little slow since we all have an accent" I was like"shitttt" but then I thought again and found it wasn't me only who came with an accent, every single woman over there had an accent...and I felt so light! No one judged me for having a different accent, no one looked low on to me for being Indian...I was proud to be my self, for the very first time in years!

Over the time of three days, I enjoyed the company of strong and empowered women, and lived moments of being self. How hard it is to be my own self in this world no too hard but believe me it is at times...but every one gave me the chance and I was able to be the same way for others....lucky.....I guess!!!

They said it is going to be cold in Kansas but I wasted my bag space cos it was nice weather...especially the last day. WE did found a way to enjoy even if it was next to a cemetery... Hey, those people are already dead...stop judging me, I am not judging you so why would you do so?

Anyways, the best part was the training. Not even a single women judged me for being a divorcee, for being a female, for being an Indian and for being the one who have said "enough" once and for all in her life...

How lucky are you to be at the places like the one I was at?

Thank you J and made it possible...



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one signature, thousands emotions...

Divorce is over, legally. I am back with my clear status,


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I am a gypsy. I think I was born this way but it was hard for me to accept. I use to run away from the thought of being a gypsy in my own way of gypsism cos my culture doesn't support it but I do want to...I want to be the, live and enjoy..fcuk this acchole world!!


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I bought iphone a month ago...and I am getting addicted to it...:-(

but I am happy about it...damn! who would have thought that one can do so much with a mobile phone...hard to believe...but!

The Politics of Politics

20:54 Posted by Shadows of life

I was waiting for Obama's speech for last week and half about war status and bringing American troops back to the America. Finally today wait ended and I listened to Obama on NPR. He used chosen words very carefully while explaining his reasons and explanations for his actions. I was impressed with his speech and I had few questions, which NPR's discussions did clear. And I suddenly found myself deep down interested in politics.

My developing interest in politics is a bit weird to myself as I hardly had any interest in politics unless I needed to discuss it with someone. Last year during President's election time I enjoyed Obama's HOPE campaign and when Obama took the position of America's President, I watched his every move very closely followed by his actions and speeches throughout the year. Not that I was interested in politics, but I am very attracted to what Obama is made of and how he has handled messed up situations. I guess that is known as politics. His 'hope' campaign was awesome, it helped him win over Bush, but I wanted to see results, so I am watching him carefully.

My background is from the country which is in development. America is more of a progressive country even after its history has less depth than India. In my country (read: India), I hardly saw any politicians giving explanations and clarity for their actions. Indian politicians speech was more of those kind of speech where they kind of ordered that they have taken some random steps and 'janta' (countrymen) is supposed to accept without questioning it. And sometimes there were speeches, which followed by the response of throwing chairs and violent acts in parliament house of New Delhi. I have seen some of these actions live on national TV. I wont say Indian politicians are just bosses to countrymen but its pretty close to the relationship between jailer and the victim. All that had obviously made me sad and over the years I lost interest in Indian politics.

I don't have deep interest in American politics but it does attract me more than Indian politics. May be because politicians try to stay crystal clear to the citizen's of America...or may Americans demand more clarity from them or may be its just that I am developing interest in politics. I don't know the truth but I guess in India, as a citizen, I was not given enough human rights to be myself and here in the US as a permanent resident I am given more freedom and rights, its up to me now if I choose to use those rights or not...or may be the truth is still hidden.

Any which way I still think Indians have more depth in their life and culture than America. America, defiantly needs to learn much more from cultural countries such as India, Pakistan, Mexico etc etc.

Talking of Pakistan reminds me one thing which impressed me a lot in Obama's speech is that he showed his interest in Pakistan's safety and Afghanistan's growth, and also that he wasn't all about America America, America and just America...what a relief!!!

Here is the speech...listen and don't forget to leave comments!