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Indian Independence day 07

15:16 Posted by Shadows of life

India got its Independence in 1947...exactly 60 years...I am still waiting to see happiness on every Indian face and their stomachs full of food - healthy living for everyone. I love India and I hate to see corruption and the orthodox mind set. I don't mind people having traditional feelings, living traditional ways...but I just can't understand how people can mold these traditions to their own benefit. People have so many chances to grow in India, especially when India and China are the fast growing countries in the world economically speaking.

Okay let me start from positive points of India...India is full of great Culture, Tradition, Monuments, Cuisine & Clothing. India have the best Software people as well as Computer systems in world. India is a great place to travel to and is just incomparable when it comes to having faithful and helpful people. You just can ask for help from anyone, even on the open roads and they will make sure you are taken care of. People will take the time to help you. They welcome their guests with refreshments and don't let them leave without filling their stomachs. They are very flexible and open to the outside world. They have hearts full of love and care. India also has some of the most popular spiritual and meditation sources and centers. India produces excellent Rice, Tea, Wheat and Cotton. India features a great movie industry, full of love and emotions and fantasy too. Lastly, India has some of the most beautiful people in the world ;)

On the other hand, I also hate many things about India. Its traffic, crowded roads, bad bus services, patriarchal society where women are kept behind in everything. I know everybody loves the country and community they are born into, but I have a weird relationship with my Country and my Community, I love it and I hate it so its kind of weird. I hate when People take females lightly as if they are here just to serve men and by people I mean men as well as women...all woman put in mind and in blood of their daughters that they are suppose to serve and HELP men, my foot..I will serve if I want to not because if I am a female. I hate this double standard when it comes to kitchen, cleaning and kids. I hate politicians of India, who are not working towards certain goals but to fill their pockets. I hate how people say that it is secular country but they can't take anyone saying a word against their religion. I hate transportation services in India, you cant travel relaxly unless you have your own vehicle and that bring more and more traffic on roads and no one wants to follow the rules. I hate this saying that children are gifts of GOD, so lets give birth to 10 more kids and make huge change in population of India and world. I hate lovers writing on monuments.

So I want to make changes in India, like every other Indian. But here I need help from you all. Please travel to India and spend some money there so we have money coming in...please click on every day or as much as you can because your one click will help one kid in India.

Soon I am going to join some non profit organization and will need all of your help once again. Please help me help my birth country and help ourselves.

Thanks for reading. I have to add alot more!!!!