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Truth OR Need

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It was first night of their wedding. They were still unknown to each other. They met through the meeting their parents arranged. He seemed to be a shy guy with tendency to live on his own, in to his own world. She was a very obedient daughter of unwanted parents.

Marriage was the only way out for him; the way for keeping the crap out of his life, given by his own tradition parents. Marriage was the only way out for her to the broad world out of parents house. She had hopes, she had dreams, he had dreams and he knew how to get hopes. She needed approval of her new husband, to be the one she always wanted to be. He needed to be truthful to be the one he actually was - a man!

He came in to the bed room. She was sitting on bed, wearing her wedding dress, with anticipations and unexpected fears. Her shoulders went deep in to her chest. The rush feeling of blushing took over her, when he touched her face. While they both were looking in to each others eyes, he started the talk, 'listen I'm your husband now and you have to follow me from now on, no other person matters in your life anymore.' She looked down to her feet, blushing feeling was gone, cheeks were still red. He continued, ' Listen to what I'm telling you now, remember clearly to keep it to you and only you, get that?' She nodded yes. He said,'I have no interest in women because I am a gay, so don't expect anything from me, cause you are not gonna get it, okay? She had her eyes fixed on his face, his eyes were blood shot, wandering around. He said his last words,'I married you because my parents would have never approve this sexual orientation in me, and also I have a job where I'm supposed to work a bit low key and all. I will give you good money to do shopping or whatever each month, and in return you will take care of my parents, and my friends when they visit here, samjh gayi na?'

She wanted to say something but the talk was over before it started. She was able to see the extended tunnel, from her parents house to her husband's house to the unknown destination....and this time there was no light at the end.


karwa chauth

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As a kid I loved karva chauth.

This fast was kept by my mom through out her life for long lasting healthy life my father. Mummy starved herself and on top of it she wasn't allowed to drink water either, until the moon comes out and she will do some prayers for my father, touch his feet, seek his blessings and then he will give her water to drink. I saw this event over and over again, for years. I tried to be part of it when I was teenage, but then I had tons of questions to ask all the time like "why don't papa keep the fast? Why only women keep the fast? etc etc" I never got the reply to my questions but I found my answers when I grew older. With answers I noticed that traditionally every best thing was given as a gift to MEN and every chore and hardship was available to women, that too as favor.

Now who knows who made this ritual, but I know one simple thing that my father never starve for my Mom or for himself, neither any of my relative, friends or neighbors. They silently watch their wives starve for the whole day and at the end of the night they yelled at her, "where is food...if you are fasting why do I have to wait for moon to come out."

When I got married, my husband told me," I don't want you to starve for me so please don't keep the fast" My lovely traditional mom yelled at him and tried to explain the reasons for fast in her broken but cute English, but he refused to listen and looked at me as if if I keep the fast, he wont speak to me ever. I smiled back at him each time he gave me that look and it calmed both of us.

I never starved, not for him, not for myself and not even for my traditions...I still am a good Indian girl.


the contrast!!

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It was a hot summer day in the US. People were dying to take their cloths off and sit under shade or in an air conditioned room. They both were walking down the street. He was wearing nice thin cotton tee, and khaki shorts to kill the summer in his own way, she was covered in burqa from head to toe, and was wearing heavy Indian dress inside the burqa...He was looking at naked legs of women, and cleavages of all the females around him. She hardly had two inches of vision from burqa...

It was his idea to cover his wife properly, after all the men around are just too pervert...



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She said I will fulfill my promise, I will live up to all the vows I took at our wedding with patience, love and acceptance.

He said I promise to take care of you and will live better than I mentioned in my vows to keep you happy, and to satisfy our love.

She took every spanking, every slap, every fist and every curse with acceptance. He gave every spank, every slap, every fist and every curse with his passion, to her, for his hearts satisfaction!

They never married again.


the after results...

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HE came by today, after my accident news....after he came to know how traumatize I am...HE hugged me...many times...over and over again...

While holding HE said he miss me and then told me that I am doing good, I am progressing and HE will always be there for me...

I hugged HIM and called HIM 'honey' and HE looked at me and told me paperwork is on its way..

Me and my little secret, looked at HIM over and over again...

AH!!! may be we have to get a bit messed up, before we move forward....

Sometimes bad news bring good after my crappy accident on 101 brought HIM an inch closer to me...