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Welcome to New Journal.

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I bought a new journal yesterday. Oh well, yeah once AGAIN!!!

And this time the design of this journal is damn kewl. It has colorful birds on it woven in embroidery. In fact the full cover page is hand embroidered. It is made in India :-) I am carrying a big smile with the feel of its origin. I know for sure that what I paid for it at borders were probably not even imaginable for those who made it in India. I paid $16.95 before 9.25% taxes. The person who made it might sold dozen copies for the same price, but then I am not going to fight, argue, and/or crib about it.

The USA is promoting Indian rural culture and crafts and that is good enough for me. I do care about the issue but I don't want to be one of hundreds who are already fighting for it. I rather buy and encourage others to buy this kind of stuff, so they never go out of work. I often buy these kind of things and give them as gift. Its my way of working for Indian arts and crafts.

So, any which way....I bought this journal and the first thing I decided not to have HIS name any where around my this journal. I wrote two stories same day and one short film idea. After I finished all this while sitting at Borders.

I went to work at around 3 after buying and writing my new journal. Around 5 I started to feel restless and anxious to use this journal. Oh I did use it. I started writing a question and then replied to it. The style took its shape and I have asked myself over 20 questions already. Few questions I knew, few I created and many I took randomly from my life.

Two of these questions were those questions, which I was scared to face, but I did it. I read them few times and now I feel a little less relaxed in facing them. See, my journal is already worth the money - paisa vasaool!!! (Do I hear some clarifications?)

LOL :-))))

A phone conversation with Papa...

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I was talking to my brother over the phone a day after hearing regarding the same issue etc, and suddenly he said that Papa is around him and he is giving phone to him. This is the conversation happened between us that day.

Papa: Hello beta

Moi: God...

Papa: Hello, ki hoya beta?

Moi: God wrote a book about my life. He has a plan for me. In his book, he mention that the road of VeeJay's life has a lot of bumps, it is broken at places and often it is not perfect place to drive your precious cars. But as Veejay's life car will never go out of gas, it will keep running until the eternity, crossing bridges, humps and all obstacles.

Papa: Beta, I'm so proud of you. You are the strongest one in my three kids. I'm so proud of you. (his voice was like he is gonna cry soon)

Moi: chado yaar, you make me cry. I talk about car and all you do is cry...

Papa: Oye Putter (to my Brother) le is de naal gall kar, bahut vadi ho gayi hai.

And I had nothing else to say to him...Because life happened to both of us, once again.

Sep 09, 3009
10.45 AM

The Story Continues...AAA

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When you thinking too much, you miss what happens in the present moment, like I did. Okay, let me come directly to the story...Today morning, I reached to work like any other day, while I was thinking too much like the night before. I parked my car, locked and went in to office to clock in. I clocked in and suddenly I felt my hands are empty. I checked my pockets, they were empty too. I was holding only my coffee tumbler and nothing. Shit!!!

I rushed to my car, and my guess was right. Car was still running, keys were in the ignition....and car was locked!!!!

Oh yeah, smarty pants. I don’t know what to do now. Went to see my co worker and told her the situation, she said, "oh no biggy, do you have triple A (AAA), Call them" I said, "the number is in my purse, and purse is in my car." She said, “call 411." "Smart", I thought.

I called 411, got the number for AAA, I called AAA, and explained the situation, expecting the operator would laugh at me, but nope...she didn't. She got the situation and within few minutes, AAA guy was at my work's parking lot. He used a bag in between my car's passenger door and door wall. He filled air in the bag by pumping the air puncture. With in few seconds door was a little loses, he put a wire in it, and in few more seconds the door was unlocked. Car was still on, keys were in ignition. I turned the car off, took keys out and boom!!! Done!

This whole process took less than 15 minutes. I was damn impressed. Hee hee Well, I had never gone through similar situation in my life, not even in India. Oh that put ideas in my head...

Now if I imagine the same situation in India, it probably will be the funniest, weird and crazy. Okay let's imagine the same situation:

I parked my car, went in to the office, clocked in and suddenly realized that I forgot car keys inside the locked car. The second I would utter these words out of my mouth, rest of the staff will start laughing at me. They will call me stupid, yedi, dimaag kharaab hua hai etc etc. Finally, if I will get a chance to ask someone about what to do with car now, I will get suggestion of breaking the glass or pulling the door so it might pop up open. When I will refuse these crazy tricks, they all will walk to parking lot and will make a group around my car, leaving behind their important work and life. The space will feel crowded so much that my baby car will have no breathing space. Some one will suddenly start pounding on door hoping it would open. I will have to jump up to stop him. Then within few minutes, stories of someone's aunt's son or uncle's daughter etc etc will eat my brain. These stories will contain nothing but some stupid mistake made by other people in their innocence. These stories will make me feel more stupid and I will finally give up. By the time it will be 11 AM, everyone's tea time. Everyone will leave me wondering what the heck happened, and what to do now!!! Then some security guard or laborer kind of person will give me suggestion that I should call his uncle's brother's son's grand daughter's husband as he is a key maker and will open my car with master key. I would surely do so without thinking.

By this time car would be sounding awful cos battery will be getting dead. In a while someone will tell me to call emergency vehicle, some copy of AAA stuff in Mumbai. I will call that and they will inform me to be there in 5 minutes. Two hours later when my car's battery and gas will be done, I would be informed that car is not running anymore. I will try to concentrate on my work, leaving car worry to my co-workers. By then it is lunch time. I want to do some work but nothing will be manageable...I will then wait for either key guy or copy of AAA company.

5 hours later and after 20,000 phone calls key guy and copy of AAA will show up in the office parking lot at the same time and complaining the hardship of their life. Key man will have a deep argument that he reached first so he should be allowed to perform his tricks on my car and copy of AAA will fight with him stating that he reached before him. Finally I would decide that key man should leave and copy of AAA should fix the problem. Now new fight will start that I had called key man and I wasted his time so I should pay him blah blah amount of money cos he came to help me. Finally after negotiations and arguments I will pay him something to leave my life alone.

Now, copy of AAA will give me his price for the day instead of his price for the job. New negotiations and new arguments will start, obviously other party will win. They will open my door while scratching my car door and making it mess around my car. I finally will get my keys after 7/8 hours of struggle, arguments, annoying behavior and negotiations. Now I will try to turn ignition on. Due to dead car battery, it won't start, and I will ask the copy of AAA to jump it. He will say that I didn’t ask for jump cables so he didn't bring any jump the time it will be the end of office day. My all co-workers will join me in finding jump cables. Finally one of my co-worker will go to market and will buy me new jump cables. I will jump my car and finally after wasting a lot of money, time, energy...and basically all day I will drive through crowded streets of Mumbai only to find that the spare key of my car is in my office drawer, not at home.

Now you know what happens when we think too much :-P

:-)) Live life king size…


Quote - Unquote

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"More you have the 'moment', fast you overcome the past...."

Life just happen to all of us!

A Small Gratitude!

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So today is Tuesday, September 08, 2009. September 8 means two days before, I would have celebrated my 6th wedding anniversary. And today is also the date for my court hearing, and hopefully final court hearing, for divorce, for dissolution of the same marriage. I'm not sad any more. I'm a little intimidate by HIS presence. It worries me a little but I'm standing strong, ready to sign those papers, so I feel free from this legal knot. I'm free, happy and satisfied with life at this moment of my life. And today, again, hopefully, I will get this legal knot taken off my life and it will set me free. Freedom, is the one and only thing, I won't compromise for or with. I want it all, and I will keep it all.

This blog, this ranting space, gave me much more than I could have asked for. I dunno who were the readers, but who ever read me and my rantings, and whoever took this almost two years of journey with me, knows I'm same person but with different attitude. Thank you Lord, thank you P, and the most thanks to S, my attorney. You were always there for me and I can't be more thankful. I might am short of words but I'm overwhelmed with my loved ones presence in my life.

:-)))) all love and all smiles for you all.....hugs.

American has to learn!

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This country is made to work, live, enjoy and run @ 60 miles/hour and if you walk at 6 miles per are way behind the crowd...but never alone!

(enjoying listening to "The Story by Dick Gordon")

Self - Care

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Need to write, but have no time. I feel that its easy tweeting and checking others blogs on blackberry, but writing my own post is a bit big deal for me...oh well!!

So here is the update for self and all...I am drained of working. I have been working double and at times, triple shifts. Did I hear why? Oh come on, I need money and I need to run away from so many emotional issues...;-) hee hee well its true somewhere...

The real truth is I know today I have these days in my hands to work and I have physical power to take two three shifts so I rather work as much as I can, who have seen tomorrow? And also, I need to visit India and need some extra cash in hand...simple!!

I know legally I shouldn't be working at one job more than 8 hours a day or may be 10 hours max, but I am on three different jobs and this is why I can do it :-) seriously not that I want to do it all the time, but positively if I see my options they are limited. Working with limited options is always been my specialty.

Today, I had to promise myself not to take more than one shift a day for at least a week, why? Simply because my body has started giving up and it needs rest. I need so many days, when I don't have to get up for something, for not to be there for others, for just sit in bed and spend all day or all night chatting with friends, writing and above all,let myself be...Also for coming up court date, I need peaceful mind so I can think without stress. Over all...I need a break!!! And for that I have to promise myself so I take care of myself.

hugs to self...(at work, gotta go!)