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This is how we roll in do ya roll???

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Vegas - Bogus

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I don't know why I should be pissed when he tells me that we are not going to Vegas. Vegas the sin city, where we were supposed to rest and chill...and do things we enjoy doing with each other. He said he had an accident but why am I doubting it...

It's all about my over-thinking mind right now!!

Peace out!

Quote - Unquote

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I really liked this quote - "I used to believe that anything was better than nothing. Now I know that sometimes nothing is better." .

In my life I accepted many things, by choice or by force, just for the sake of "something is better than nothing" but now I know it is always not the right move. Sometimes it could be okay move because we need to put our mind off to positivity from current situations, but at times negativity is hidden under positive expression.

"Smart decisions come with complications" - its a truth. Sometimes complications are needed...Make sure to take time before you take any, I mean it ANY decision and I assure you, all decisions will make sense in long run...


Hindi Proverbs = English Sayings!!!

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So I was looking for some English = Hindi proverbs and guess what I found...This bloger has posted some very interesting Hindi Proverbs which are equal to English saying...check it out friends!!!

1) A fog cannot be dispelled by a fan .
Oas ( dew drop) chaatne se pyaas nahi bhujti.

2)An empty vessel sounds much .
Thotha channa baje ghana.

3)Birds of same feather flock together.
Chor chor mosere bhai.

4)Do evil & look for like.
Kar bura to hoy bura

5)Fool to others to himself a sage .
Apne mooh miyamitthu.

6)Good mind , good find.
Aap bhale to jag bhala.

7)His wits are gone a woll gathering.
Uski akal charne ko gayi hai.

8)It takes two to make a quarrel.
Ek haath se tali nahi bajti.

9) Barking dogs seldom bite .
Jo garajte hai woh baraste nahi.

10)Avarice is root of all evils.
Laalch buri balaa hai.

11)Gather thistles & expect pickles .
Boye pade babool ke to aam kha se hoye.

12)Drowning man catches at straw.
Doobte ko tinke ka sahara.

13)Hard nut to crack.
lohe ke chane chabana.

14)As the king so are the subjects.
jaisa Raja vaisi praja.

15)A honey tongue , a heart of gall.
Mukh mein Ram bagal mein choori.

16)Pure gold does not fear the flame.
Saanch ko aanch nahi.

17) Great cry little wool .
Oochi dukaan feeke pakvaan.

18)A drop in the Ocean .
Oot ( Camel ) Ke mooh mein Jeera.

19) A nine days wonder .
Chaar din ki chandani fir andheri raat.

20) Crying in wilderness .
Bhes ( Buffalo ) ke aage been bajaana.

21) Do good & cast in to the river.
Neki kar dariya mein daal.

22) Diamonds cut diamonds.
Loha lohe ko kaat ta hai.

23) A burnt child dreads the fire.
Dudh ka jala chaas ko bhi fook fook kar peeta hai.

24)A figure among cyphers.
Andho mein kaane raaja.

25)A little knowledge is a dangerous thing .
Neem hakeem khatre jaan

26)A wolf in lamb's clothing.
Mukh mein Ram bagal mein choori.

In the Memory of Monday evenings......

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So I am weird, whats new in it. Being strange is also an art. I am funny, so I am....whats the big deal. Anyways I am over whelmed, he sent me an email...phew phew phew I cant breath..did he really wrote that email to me? Is it really my feeling reaching to him? Seriously? Damn dude...I am confused....oh! I do like him and reading his email last night made me feel just so weird and so funny, overwhelming and what not...I will miss him every Monday evening. I am not sure if he will miss me or not, but I don't want to go there and think more than I should...its gonna kill me more...

I am already KIA - Killed In Action ha ha

I told ya I am weird...many thoughts in one post...another way to document and save the memory beyond photographs.

Vim aka Nutty Human


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I have been thinking about writing a new blog but I am not sure on what topic.....nope I am not feeling writers block. I think I don't have any messy complains or any thoughts which I am unable to say to my life world, so writing is not happening. Well, with life world yaad aaya ki I finished my semester and I am free from study for few months as my school have cut on summer semester due to recession (???)...not a very fun thing but its sometimes better to have extra time in hands....:-)))

Okay I am not happy with my final exam result in one of the subjects...I hate getting B or lower grades in my exams and I got B in my last exam which has pissed me off but as my roommate says "you had hard month so give yourself some space" Duh!!! I did have hard month but these all are excuses, I know it.....I could have study which I didn't, because I didn't feel like bad!!!

What else? oh ya...something really interesting I did...I donated my hair to make wigs for cancer kids. Well I have been planning to do so and I did it.

In 2005, after I shaved my head for the first time I came to know that I could have donated my waist long hair to some organization...but I was unaware of the same so it all went to waste...Then I decided that next time when I will go crazy and will suddenly feel like chopping all my hair off, I will donate them to kids who needs wigs. After a little research I found this awesome organization "" who take donation of hair and make wigs for children who lose their hair due to a medical condition including cancer kids who lose their hair after chemo and also who suffer from an autoimmune disorder called 'alopecia areata'...To know more about disease and donation visit their website.

I am sending my 10 inch long locks of love for those kids. If any of you ever want to chop your hair off for whatever reason, please do send them your hair donations, someone will enjoy the love of your locks...

I guess that's it for now...will keep me going if life makes me keep going :-)))